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Wow! Momo – Every Momo Lover Should Try At Least Once


India’s largest Momo chain is one and only ‘Wow! Momo’. It is specialized and famous for its Momos as their name suggest itself. Kolkata is the headquarter of the largest fast-food chain. They have 12 different kinds of momos flavors like steamed, fried, pan-fried in white and brown flour variants. They have created a very interesting menu like sizzler Momos, Moburg, Momo chats and for dessert it is chocolate Momo.

Wow! Momo at V3S Mall, Nirman Vihar, New Delhi

woow-burgerI have visited this outlet Two times, it is compact and pleasant. The ambiance of this outlet is quite amazing and you will never get borad for the time you order is being prepared because they had the very nice collection of songs which will never make you bore at this place.

I have tried a combo meal of Moburg with coke and Mini Momo separately. Both the things had the astonishing and different flavor to each other. Mini Momo taste amazing as they melt like a cotton candy in my mouth and it was non-defining taste, just a thought of it is making my mouth watering and the sauce for Momo was also more than amazing. Moburg is full of cheese, momo and green sauce is the perfect combination. It was a great experience at this place, one should try this place at least once if you are Momo Lover.

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